by NAH

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you can't get from me. cuz you wanna get it for free. unload threat easy. make hate seriously. decrease easily. speak death casually. each breath apathy. regret absently. last day happily. rain fall tragedy. rose placed carefully. like took graciously. descend sudden. pleasant wrathfully. you not take from me. left alone to wait for thee. make it real though. wake i got no feel though. unmake steal throw. wake you live in fear. woe.

i know it still hurt to continue. clean slate but the dirt that's within you. still thirsty to burst through you simple. in the crib gettin smacked like a cymbal. we was bout to do the show at the signal. but somehow man the boys got the signal. fucked up and annoyed now i'm pissed too. from the train to the crib was a big move. big homie johnny u let us slip through. big money in our hands but it slipped through. we couldn't taste the bands just to spit smooth. but forget man, money ain't the issue. sixty heads all conversing in the room. and my mood is determining the mood. i could see it's couple minutes to the noon. cheering, sipping from the brew. to that last year we conclude. until the next one then it's new. so i had to grab the mic when it started. mike like a topic. guys, but he rapped from a night full of hardship. in life i was guarded. write till my heart split. spitting out my timeline. right to my darlin. righteous remarks went right to apartment. can't believe the pigs really trying to swipe from my garden.

a wide idea. you gave us shrill. take place. hold trace. left thoughts of ill. bodies screech. thoughts simple to each. norms hacked. lifted and cracked. never back. from some high above high. dive a the die. throb like the eye. red took from my. why?

the more i think about shit. loud to life them out shit. dressed in fucking doubt shit. worn and wrote them out shit. never asked about shit. all of them devout shit. carried you throughout shit. mess about and bounce shit. think of it. know of it. wrote of it. drank of it. we was sitting in philly feeling really fucking shitty cuz that trash is all around us and it's really fucking windy. i can erase shit. i can replace shit.



released June 28, 2017

sounds / drums / production by NAH
vocals and lyrics on "swipe from my garden" by MIKE
vocals and lyrics on everything else by NAH
guitar on "gave shrill" by John Galm
bass on "gave shrill" by Kevin P Keenan
mastered by Ryan Schwabe at Maniac Mansion in Philadelphia



all rights reserved


NAH Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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